Media Releases | 5th Apr, 2006

Wind farm refusal illogical

Wednesday, 5 April 2006

The Federal Government decision to block a wind farm proposal because it threatened an endangered parrot species was shortsighted, the state’s leading green group said today.

One bird saved, 1000s of species still facing extinction

Environment Victoria executive director Marcus Godinho said scientists forecast that 1000s of bird species will be wiped out in coming decades because of climate change.

“Wind farms are one way we can reduce the degree of climate change impact,” Mr Godinho said.

“It is illogical to block a wind farm based on a report that found only one parrot a year may be struck.”

“The Howard Government is consistently undermining the renewable energy industry when other countries see promoting clean energy as the way of the future.

“What good is it to save one bird and yet ignore the future of thousands of other species?”

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