Media Releases | 23rd Oct, 2006

Green groups release plan to tackle climate change

Monday, 23 October 2006

Victoria’s peak environmental groups are calling on the Bracks Government and political parties to adopt an action plan to tackle our climate crisis

In doing so, environmental groups have criticised the Bracks Government for ignoring climate change.

Environment Victoria Executive Director Marcus Godinho said, “Victoria now produces 6 million tonnes each year more than when Labor came to power – the equivalent of putting 1 million cars on the road.”

“The true test for any government is whether global warming pollution is increasing or decreasing, and in Victoria it keeps rising.”

“Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time, with the Premier linking it to bushfires, drought and less water in our rivers and dams in recent weeks. Now he needs to take real action to respond to our climate crisis. With an election just weeks away, climate change is a true test of the Premier’s leadership and vision for Victoria.”

The Bracks Government’s measures have fallen well short of the action needed to cut pollution levels. While the Government has taken some steps to reduce greenhouse pollution, the lease on life it gave to Hazelwood undermines and easily negates all of its greenhouse reduction programs combined. Hazelwood emits more greenhouse pollution in just five days than the savings from the 5-Star Energy Standard for new homes in an entire year.

Denise Boyd. ACF campaigns Director said, “Victoria is at a critical point: we can either continue on the pollution path with the coal industry or set a new course towards a smart clean green future which embraces renewable energy and energy efficiency. We need clear long and mid-term greenhouse gas reduction targets, backed up by concrete action to set us on a new course.”

Greenpeace Energy Campaigner Mark Wakeham said, “As it stands, despite the rhetoric about the importance of dealing with climate change, neither Labor nor Liberal have made a commitment to reduce Victoria’s greenhouse pollution. Without a legislated target, the state’s greenhouse pollution will continue to rise, and Victorians will be left to face climate chaos.”

Marcus Godinho said, “Environment groups will be releasing an assessment of all parties policies on climate change shortly before the election.”

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