Media Releases | 3rd Sep, 2007

Real action on climate change needed at APEC

Monday, 3 September 2007

Climate activists halted work at the Loy Yang ‘A’ coal-fired power station in the La Trobe Valley early this morning.

This is one of numerous actions targeting the fossil fuel industry across Australia today to condemn the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders lack of action on climate change.

Taking real action on climate change four people attached themselves to the conveyor belts feeding coal to Loy Yang ‘A’, bringing operations on that conveyor belt to a halt.

“This is the type of visionary action that the Asia Pacific Economic Forum (APEC) is unable to take. Their non-committal, aspirational targets are completely inadequate to stop dangerous climate change.” Said Michaela Stubbs spokesperson for the group.

“Here in Victoria we have seen a focus on the Loy Yang ‘A’ coal fire power station, while in Newcastle street theatre raising awareness of the coal industries impacts on climate change will be taking place” said spokesperson for the group Michaela Stubbs.

“Al Gore himself has said he is shocked that young people are not putting themselves in front of bulldozers in coal mines across the world to confront climate change. Well this is real action on climate change. Our current political representatives need to get their head out of the sand and step up to the plate.” Said Michaela Stubbs, spokesperson for the group.

“Our future is too precious to be placed in the hands of corporate bureaucrats and politicians alone. APEC are environmental criminals whose polices lock us into a future of dangerous climate change”.

“Scientists are telling us we need immediate action to avoid dangerous climate change. Immediate action including strong short term green house gas reduction targets, dramatic expansion of renewable energy and ratifying the Kyoto Protocol are essential.”

“Instead of real action on climate change we have seen the Australian federal government, and Victorian state government, support the new HRL coal fired power station with $150 million in financial support here in the Latrobe Valley.”

“It is people of our age, our generation who will be dealing with the long-term consequences of climate change. We need real action on climate change to stop our reliance on polluting forms of energy such as coal and move towards a renewable energy future.” Concluded Ms Stubbs.

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