Media Releases | 15th Jan, 2008

Environment Victoria to headline at the 2008 Sustainable Living Festival

Environment Victoria (EV) has been selected as one of three organisations that will headline the Music Rocks our World concert at Melbourne’s 2008 Sustainable Living Festival. The festival, to be held over three days from 15th – 17th February at Federation Square, is Australia’s largest sustainability event.

The Festival aims to engage as many diverse groups as possible to accelerate the uptake of sustainable living. By engaging with the community, the Festival seeks to change the behaviour of visitors by providing inspiration, information and innovation in the areas of ecological and social sustainability.

EV’s stage appearance will include two speeches, a visual presentation and a performance by local Melbourne band, Direct Influence.

In addition, our stall, located in the Think Precinct, along with other non-government organisations, will feature innovative and practical activities to assist festival-goers in understanding the eco-footprint concept. Visitors to the stall will have the opportunity to calculate their individual ecological footprint and get information on how to reduce their footprint in an effort to move towards consuming only one planet worth of resources.

Environment Victoria’s third contribution to the festival includes the facilitation of two tent sessions, which will showcase our innovative work with migrant and refugee communities. The details for these sessions are as follows:

Working with Diverse Communities
Saturday, 16 February, 2.00pm – 3.00pm
Think Tent
Ms Kim Thien Truong will share her experience of working in the Vietnamese community and the issues related to getting environmental and sustainability messages into communities outside the mainstream English-speaking community. The session will involve talks from two young participants of our Multicultural Leaders for Sustainability program, who will talk about their experiences in the program and their backgrounds.

Working with Diverse Communities (Workshop)
Sunday, 17 February, 4.00pm – 5.00pm
Think Tent
This presentation will be conducted by Ms Kim Thien Truong in both Vietnamese and English. The presentation will be specific to the Vietnamese community and will provide practical sustainability tips, similar to the sustainability training run by Environment Victoria. By running a Vietnamese specific sustainability training session it is envisaged that more members of the Vietnamese community would attend the SLF festival.

We hope you, your family and friends can join us to celebrate the largest sustainability event in Australia.

Please visit for more information about the festival.