Blog | 8th Sep, 2009

We’re running on empty

We wracked our brains and squeezed our neurons into pulp. We even tried zen meditation and lying on the office floor. Do you think we could come up with a snappy, snazzy, interesting, we're-too-cool-for-our-own-environmentally-friendly-shoes, everyone-will-want-to-be-our-friend blog name? 

Nope. Not a bit. The closest we came to was 'shut up and do something', which is kind of a weird name for a blog. (Although hey – irony).

So it's over to you. We need you to help us come up with an inspiring and cool name for our blog. Something that screams environment, sharing and taking green action.

(Okay – so we kind of hope you'll be happy to do our jobs for us – just this once).

To make it worth your while, we'll design up your awesome new blog name and credit you for it. It'll feature on this blog for all prosperity. We'll also share a green story of your choice on this blog. It can be about yourself, something cool you care about, or someone you really admire.

So what you do say? Will you give us a hand? 

Pretty please?

Just post your suggestion below. 🙂