Media Releases | 27th Nov, 2009

One year out from the state election, green groups put parties on notice

Friday, 27 November 2009

A healthy environment and a safe future for all Victorians must be the top priority for all parties contesting the 2010 state election, Victoria’s leading environment groups said today.

One year out from the state election, Environment Victoria, The Wilderness Society, Friends of the Earth and the Victorian National Parks Association have released a document outlining seven key areas that require urgent action by the party that wins next November’s state election.

The groups said all parties needed to reassess their approach to the environment, including the Brumby Government, which is yet to introduce any major environmental initiatives, and the Liberal Party whose environment policies are alarmingly inconsistent.

“Victoria’s environment has supported communities for thousands of years and is home to some of the most important places and species in the world. But the simple truth is, we’re facing an environmental emergency,” Environment Victoria’s CEO Kelly O’Shanassy said.

“Our rivers run dry as greenhouse emissions rise. Our forests shrink while our cities sprawl. And we swelter through heatwaves Victoria has never experienced before – this is not the future we want.”

The Victorian National Parks Association’s Executive Director Matt Ruchel said for decades, successive governments had overseen the decline of the state’s environment and it was time for change.

“Our natural heritage is priceless and our political leaders need to take urgent and large‐scale action to ensure Victorians have jobs, industries, homes and lives that help restore nature and secure our future.”

Recent research by Sustainability Victoria showed that 89 per cent of Victorians agreed that the government should consider environmental concerns when making decisions.

“Major parties are failing to meet the Victorian public’s expectations for a safe, clean and secure environment. It’s time for political leaders of all persuasions to put the environment at the centre of government policy and decisions,” Friends of the Earth’s campaign coordinator Cam Walker said.

The Wilderness Society’s Campaigns Director Gavan McFadzean said there was still hope for the environment. “The 2010 state election must be the turning point for Victoria’s environment. If we take strong and decisive action now, we can fix our mistakes and create a healthy, prosperous, and sustainable future,” he said.

“One year out, all parties contesting the 2010 election are on notice. We are seeking clear commitments on the most critical environmental issues facing the state in the lead up to next year’s state election.”

Victoria’s leading environment groups are calling on all parties contesting the 2010 state election to:
1. Make sustainability central to all government decision‐making.
2. Slash Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions and switch to a low‐emissions economy.
3. Restore our rivers and wetlands to health.
4. Protect biodiversity by managing and restoring ecosystems and re‐linking areas of habitat.
5. Increase and resource the protected areas system.
6. Protect our native forests.
7. Make our cities more sustainable and liveable.

The environment groups’ agenda contains more than 80 specific policy proposals or opportunities for action.

The groups will meet with parties and use the agenda as a basis to assess parties’ promises over the next 12 months.

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