Blog | 15th Dec, 2009

and feel warm and fuzzy

We kicked off this festive season with a call to step out for the Walk Against Warming. And you brilliant people responded in droves – making it one of the biggest protests ever anywhere. So here’s a big thanks to you Victoria! Three cheers: hip-pip horray, hip-pip horray, hip-pip horray!

Oh why not, let’s throw in a big squeeze hug too, you deserve it.

If by chance you didn’t get involved in the December Green Action, never fear it’s not too late. There are other ways you can support our safe climate campaign over the craziness of December.

Have yourself a merry green Christmas

If you haven’t already and would like to support the Walk Against Warming, why not make a gift donation. Your support will help us cover the costs and support our safe climate campaign into the future. Plus it’s always nice to share your warm, fuzzy feelings for our environment with loved ones.

And why don’t you check out our Festive Season Guide. It’s jam packed with ideas for reducing the impact on the planet (while still keeping all the good bits – oh so important).

Merry Christmas / Happy Chanukah / Ho-Ho-Ho… however you say it, have a fabulous break and a safe and happy new year.