Media Releases | 20th Jan, 2010

Environment Victoria giving evidence to Murray Darling Inquiry in Bendigo tomorrow

Thursday, 20 January 2010

Victoria’s peak community environmental group, Environment Victoria, will present its views to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Inquiry into the proposed Murray Darling Basin Plan in Bendigo this Friday. Environment Victoria’s CEO Kelly O’Shanassy and Healthy Rivers Campaign Manager Juliet Le Feuvre will tell the inquiry:

Blackwater fish kills could have been prevented by regular environmental flows

The recent spate of fish kills in the Goulburn, Loddon and Murray Rivers are a sign of poor river health and could have been prevented by regular environmental flows during the drought years. Providing regular smaller floods during dry years would flush organic matter through river systems more frequently, preventing the build up of carbon that causes ‘blackwater’ events.

Irrigators are ‘crying wolf’ over threat of a huge water-grab for the environment

Fears of massive new cuts to water entitlements are being exaggerated by some irrigator groups. In the Campaspe, Goulburn and Murray Rivers over half the water savings needed to meet the minimum environmental flows recommended by the MDBA are likely to be achieved through existing irrigation modernisation and water buyback programs.

Current floods fit climate change prediction of more variable flows, water reform still an urgent priority

The current floods in Victoria, while devastating, are not a reason to delay water reform efforts. Climate scientists tell us that in the coming decades rainfall in Victoria is likely to be more variable, but lower overall. We can be sure that the drought years will come again, and now is the time to prepare and adjust to protect the long-term health of the river system.

What: Commonwealth Parliamentary Inquiry into MDB Plan

Where: Bendigo Town Hall , 189-193 Hargreaves Street Bendigo

When: Friday, 21 January 2011

8.45am Presentation to Committee by Environment Victoria

10.20am EV spokesperson available for interviews outside Town Hall


For interviews contact:

Juliet Le Feuvre, Healthy Rivers Campaign Manager on 0428 770 019

Media assistance: Louise Matthiesson on 0417 017 844