Blog | 1st Feb, 2010

Have your voice heard!

In 2010, both the state and federal governments go to the polls. And what better opportunity to put a little pressure on those pollies and get the policies we need for our environment.

A healthy environment and a safe future for all Victorians must be the top priority for all parties contesting the 2010 state election. And so Victoria’s leading environment groups have put the parties on notice. We’ve released a document outlining seven key areas that require urgent action by the party that wins next November’s state election. It's called Turning it Around. Make sure you have a gander and use it when voting this November.

Meantime, we’re working hard to ensure that both elections deliver big time for the environment. But we can’t do it without some people power! Tell us your vision for Victoria and we’ll make sure they get the message loud and clear.

There’s three ways to get your voice heard

Come to the Sustainable Living Festival

Not only will you get copious amounts of excellent info that will inspire and empower you. You’ll also get to have your say at our very special video booth, run in partnership with the Sustainable Living Festival.

We’ll be asking you to record your message to politicians, letting them know what you want them to do to safeguard our environment, and what Green Actions you’re taking in your own life. Your recording will be passed onto Brumby himself and the Opposition too! Now that’s getting it straight from the horse’s mouth!

Need more motivation? Check out the great festival program here.

Upload your own video to our website

Can’t get to the festival? Never fear! You can send in your video straight from your kitchen table, from the porch, hey even from up high in your tree house. Simply record your message and save it to a video-hosting site like Vimeo or YouTube and plug in the embedding code here. (It’s not that tricky, we promise).

Join the discussion

Of course you can always let your fingers do your talking and share your vision with us right here on this blog.

Have your say now…