News | 12th Feb, 2010

Unexpected greenie steers city’s future

Friday, 12 February 2010
Jason Dowling, The Age

The mayor is using his political smarts as a unifying force.

The Greens candidate in the 2008 election for Melbourne's lord mayor was comfortably defeated, beaten by the conservative front-runner, former state opposition leader Robert Doyle.

The new mayor – who promised to return cars to Swanston Street and who disliked tram super stops – got the nod mostly with support of the business community.

But Doyle has proven to be something of a Trojan Horse in council – or perhaps he has been a victim of the Stockholm syndrome, seduced by life in the town hall, with its green roofs and environmentally spectacular 6-star Council House 2 building.

Whatever the explanation, his actions could lead some to believe that Robert Doyle is Melbourne's first ''green'' lord mayor.

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