News | 4th Mar, 2010

Geelong jobs secured but…Greenies slam deal for Alcoa

Thursday, 4 March 2010
Star News Group

A plan to continue powering Alcoa’s aluminum smelters with brown coal until 2036 has outraged environmentalists despite securing hundreds of jobs in the Geelong region.

Environment Victoria’s Mark Wakeham labelled the long-term electricity contract between Loy Yang Power and the aluminum giant “unacceptable”.

He believed the controversial smelter should have investigated renewable energy and gas-fired generation to power its two plants at Point Henry, in Geelong, and Portland.

“In a time of climate change it’s insane to power aluminum smelters with brown coal,” Mr Wakeham said.

“Victoria is one of the very few places in the world where aluminium smelting is powered by brown coal, with most other producers using hydro power.

“Locking this behaviour in until 2036 defies belief – if power stations like Loy Yang are still operating in 2036, it will be all over for the climate.”

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