Blog | 10th Mar, 2010

and cut your greenhouse gasses for as little as $1 per week!

Back in October we suggested you do your very own DIY sustainability audit. Three cheers for those that got on board. It’ll certainly make a big difference to your home’s impact on the planet. But as always, there’s more you can do. And this month, it’s switching to GreenPower.

In Victoria, we’re dependent on brown coal. It’s a big part of why we’re amongst the world’s worst polluters.
Luckily for us (and our furry friends) there is an alternative! GreenPower is the single easiest way to cut your greenhouse gas emissions from electricity use. And there’s no need to change your current supplier. It’s widely available and it’s just as reliable as traditional electricity generated from burning coal. Pure brilliance.

So the deal is when you sign up for GreenPower, your electricity retailer buys electricity from renewable sources on your behalf. It’s like getting solar panels or a wind turbine, without having to work out how to install it. Buying GreenPower means that you’re supporting the renewable energy industry and reducing your emissions from electricity to almost zero. It’s that easy for you to reduce your impact on the planet.

Yes, we see those dollar signs circling above your head and you’re right; GreenPower does cost a bit more. But the exact amount depends on where you buy it from and how much you use. As a rough indication – 100 percent GreenPower (zero emissions) should cost you about $6 extra a week. And 25 percent GreenPower should cost you about $1 extra a week. Of corse this cost will be well and truely offset by the savings made by changing light bulbs or turning down the thermostat. So get involved and get the whole shebang. We think it’s an investment worth making!

Get on board!

If you do choose to join the 900,000 odd Aussies that have already made the switch, make sure you switch to accredited GreenPower, and not just any company claiming to be sustainable. To check out the best of GreenPower products in Victoria swing past here.