News | 23rd Mar, 2010

Brown coal emissions rise 10% in a decade

Tuesday, 23 March 2010
Adam Morton, The Age

Greenhouse gas emissions from Victoria's brown-coal fired power stations increased nearly 10 per cent over the past decade despite government programs designed to promote renewable energy.

It reflects that more than three-quarters of the new electricity generation in Victoria to meet increasing national demand since 2000 comes from burning brown coal, the dirtiest major source of electricity.

An analysis by consultants Green Energy Markets found generation at the four major Latrobe Valley brown-coal fired plants has grown steadily despite the advent of renewable energy targets.

The report comes as green groups coalesce behind a campaign to close Hazelwood power station – Australia's most greenhouse gas-intensive power plant – by 2012. Sections of the ALP are believed to be keen on an announcement about Hazelwood before the November state election.

Commissioned by Environment Victoria, the analysis found coal was responsible for 91.5 per cent of energy generated in the state last year.

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