Blog | 26th Apr, 2010

with Clean Energy by 2012

Imagine a wealthy state like Victoria being home to one of the dirtiest power station in the industrialized world. You’d think that was impossible wouldn’t you? Unfortunately its not, which is why we’re campaigning to Replace Hazelwood Power Station with cleaner, greener alternatives.

This election, we’re calling on our leaders to commit to Replace Hazelwood with Clean Energy. And we need your help! There’s plenty of ways to get involved…

Sign a letter

Get in the ears of the Labor and Coalition Party Leaders by delivering your Replace Hazelwood message. Sign away

Stay in the loop

Sign up to our Safe Climate eBulletin to stay up to date with the latest news on the Replace Hazelwood campaign, and other climate related campaigns, information and events. Email us with ‘subscribe’ in the subject line.

Spread the word
  • Help build a green army by joining our Replace Hazelwood Facebook page. Here you can meet likeminded Victorians and discover other important actions you can take to Replace Hazelwood – How good.
  • You can also tweet about it using the #replacehazelwood hashtag and following the @replacehzlwood page. So get involved!
  • Download posters for your household, workplace or business.
Get active

Meet with or write a letter to your MP or the editor, post on blogs and generally help spread that word online that replacing Hazelwood is the key first action to tackling climate change that any government serious about the issue would take.


Your donation to help replace Hazelwood is the most important action you can do this year to address dangerous climate change. And during an election year, your donation will go further. Please give $55 or more today and massively reduce Victoria's greenhouse emissions for a safer climate. Give a little. Get a lot