Blog | 24th May, 2010

and it’s been fantastic to see so many people get behind it.

Climate action groups are door knocking, lots of media, reports, letter boxing and many many letters to the editor…well done to all involved. Now we just need to keep it moving.

Here are three steps… 

Today we’re launching the Replace Hazelwood website – check it out!

This is intended as a hub for all groups who are supporting the ask to Replace Hazelwood with clean energy by 2012. It doesn’t lock any of those groups into any particular solution, or to any other parts of the campaign or actions that may arise.

If your group would like to sign onto the website, please let us know and we’ll add you on the contacts page. Any climate action group who wants to be listed as supporting the campaign is very welcome…the more the merrier. 

You Tube video

As a part of this, EV has been working with some volunteers to develop a new video to communicate around the campaign…awesome stuff, and thanks a mill to volunteers Andrew (from Climate Action Moreland and The Vagabond) and Bec for all of their hard work. It's on the website or you can see it in high definition glory on youtube.

Check it out 

Can you help? The website and the youtube clip will only be a success if we can get them out there. Please forward these links out through your networks to help build support for the campaign. 


The first of what we hope will be a number of billboards across Melbourne will be unveiled today on the cnr of Hoddle and Roseneath St’s . There will be a photo up on the website soon. The more resources go into the campaign the more billboards we can get up before the election. 

So three things we love you to do today

1. Email the links through your networks

2. List them on your facebook status (and join us on Facebook while you’re at it!)

3. Twitter them using the #replacehazelwood or find us @replacehzlwood

In the next couple of day’s we’ll also have button that you can load onto your websites to link through to the Replace Hazelwood website… will send it out when we’ve got it. 

Of course now we have the website you can follow the links through to other actions such as signing up for door knocking and letter boxing please check it out too. 

Exciting times, together we will make big impact!