Media Releases | 25th May, 2010

Calling all Hoddle St Traffic – Help create a clean energy future!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A new billboard being launched this morning calls on Melbourne commuters to get involved in a campaign to replace Australia’s dirtiest power station with clean energy.

The billboard at 410 Hoddle St, Clifton Hill is being launched by Environment Victoria as the first step in a major public advocacy campaign calling on the Victorian Government to commit to replace Hazelwood power station by 2012 at the upcoming election.

Hazelwood power station is the dirtiest power station in all of Australia, and it creates almost 15 percent of Victoria’s greenhouse pollution on its own.

Environment Victoria’s Safe Climate Campaigner Victoria McKenzie-McHarg said that the billboard was a great opportunity to let people know about the campaign, and build support for a clean energy future.

“No-one likes pollution, and our research shows us that when people find out just how inefficient and polluting Hazelwood actually is, they agree that it’s time to replace it with clean alternatives that are safe and reliable.”

40,000 cars pass the billboard every day, and Environment Victoria has deliberately chosen the site to have maximum impact.

“This year is an election year, which puts the average voter in somewhat of a power position. We want people driving past this billboard to know that replacing Hazelwood is a key election issue, and that by getting involved they can make sure the government sits up a pays attention” said Ms. McKenzie-McHarg.

“While we wait for the government to deliver a price on pollution, replacing Hazelwood power station with clean energy is one of the single biggest actions our leaders can take to reduce our impact on climate change. This billboard let’s people know that if they want to reduce carbon pollution and be part of a cleaner future, then they can get involved and help make it happen.”

Hazelwood power station was first commissioned in 1959, and was due to be shut down in 2005. However the Bracks Government agreed to extend the lease on the mine and therefore the life of the power station until 2031. It creates over 16 million tonnes of greenhouse pollution each year, and uses 27 billion litres of water – almost a month’s worth of Melbourne’s total water use. The owners of Hazelwood, International Power, signalled in a submission to the federal government last year that they’d be willing to close early with the right financial incentives.

For further comment please contact:

Victoria McKenzie-McHarg, Safe Climate Campaigner: 0428 480 409 (Victoria will be on-site as the billboard is being assembled from 9.00am, Tuesday)