Media Releases | 4th Jul, 2010

Rangas unite for a safe climate

Wednesday, 4 July 2010

Rangas have hit the streets of Melbourne today to protest the absence of real policy to reduce greenhouse pollution in the Federal election campaign and to promote the upcoming Walk against Warming.

The head of Rangas for Climate Action Natalie Jamieson said today:

“The nation’s number one Ranga, Julia Gillard, has let us down badly so far on climate change. As for Tony Abbott, we’re not even convinced he believes in climate change, or red heads for that matter.”

“With our pale skin and delicate features we’re worried that we’ll fry unless something is done to reduce greenhouse pollution in Australia. In this election campaign we’ve had more focus so far on Julia’s wardrobe than we’ve had on climate change.”

“When Julia Gillard became Prime Minister it was a great day for Rangas globally. However after the disappointment of the past few weeks we no longer care what colour hair our politicians have, as long as they have some decent climate policies.”

Rangas for Climate Action will be joining Walk Against Warming events on Sunday, 15 August at 12.30. In Melbourne the Walk Against Warming is heading into the suburbs and walking throughout the key areas of LaTrobe, Deakin and Melbourne.

Around 1200 passionate Victorians, including Rangas for Climate Action, will hold a short rally and then letterbox hundreds of thousands of households to highlight the need for policies from all political parties that will quickly reduce our greenhouse pollution.

“While we Rangas will be walking together, we don’t want to discriminate against those who are follicly disadvantaged. We’re keen for brunettes, blondes, baldies and those who’ve gone grey to join us at the Walk Against Warming by registering at “Ms Jamieson concluded.

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