Blog | 8th Jul, 2010

By getting smart on your transport choices

Dirty Fact: Transport is responsible for 15 percent of Australia’s greenhouse pollution – second only to coal fired electricity. And most of this pollution comes from driving our petrol guzzling, greenhouse polluting cars round and round… and round. Shocking right!

We all want better public transport, more bike paths, cleaner air and cheaper living costs. But we also need to make sure that the cars we will continue to need and use won’t cost us the earth.

There's lots that the state government can do to clean up our cars, such as making registration for efficient cars cheaper. Meanwhile we want to convince the federal government to introduce a strong mandatory standard for new cars. And to help get our point across, we’ve put together a letter to Prime Minister Julia Gillard. It asks her to help slash greenhouse pollution and up to $700 a year off the average motorist's petrol costs by introducing a strong mandatory standard for new cars. And we need all the help we can get to make it happen.

Drive over to sign the letter to PM Julia. Go on, you know you want to

But of course there’s always more you can be doing. Here's some other Green Actions you can take this month:

And if you have any other suggestions feel free to share 'em right here…