Blog | 15th Jul, 2010

and tackling greenhouse pollution 

Yesterday the Victorian Government announced that they will double the states energy efficieny target and reduce emissions by 5.4 million tonnes a year. Today Premier Brumby confirmed the government is focused on replacing Hazelwood with this quote in The Age:

''Hazelwood is obviously the biggest polluter in Victoria… If you were going to reduce emissions and make an abrupt and significant difference to the level of emissions in Victoria you would obviously need to focus on Hazelwood''.

We here at Environment Victoria, together with our partners and supporters have all worked very hard to get these outcomes and although we've got a long way to go, its worth just taking a moment to notice the considerable impact we're all having. So to all involved, well done.

And now that we are starting to get results, we've really gotta ramp it up! The Premier is only talking about replacing 1/4 of Hazelwood… we all know that to have a real impact on greenhouse pollution and to provide jobs and a secure future for communities in the Latrobe valley, the Premier must put forward a plan to Replace 100% of Hazelwood with clean energy. Go for it John!

And everyone, please step out tomorrow for the National Day of Action on Hazelwood. Click here for an event in your area.