Media Releases | 23rd Jul, 2010

Gillard moving backwards on climate

Friday, 23 July 2010

Environment Victoria has described today’s ALP policy announcement on climate change as appalling and says it gives the green light for 15 new coal-fired power stations nationally, including the HRL proposal in Victoria, and risks sending the Australian climate debate back to the Howard era.

Environment Victoria and other environment and climate action groups have called a snap protest outside the Prime Minister’s Melbourne office this afternoon to urge the ALP to come up with a real climate policy that will actually lead to emissions reductions ahead of the election.

Environment Victoria campaigns director Mark Wakeham said today:

“The promise that new coal-fired power stations will have to be “carbon capture ready” is greenwash, particularly given that the commitment does not apply to the 15 existing proposals to build new coal-fired power stations,”

“In effect, today’s announcement gives the green light for 15 new coal-fired power stations nationally, including the HRL proposal in Victoria. It allows power stations like Hazelwood to keep polluting. And it signals a complete lack of leadership on climate change from a Gillard Government.”

“Promises that future proposals for coal-fired power stations would have to be carbon capture ready are meaningless. I’m Tattslotto-winning ready, but it’s probably not going to happen”

Mr Wakeham said the creation of a community panel was another cynical delaying tactic.

“We don’t appoint citizens juries to decide whether or not to send troops into conflict or to design our tax scheme. This is just another delaying tactic.”

“The ALP designed a similar process with the Garnaut Review last election. The review spent 12 months studying the issues, and then the Labor Party largely ignored its findings. Now they are proposing to spend another year on another process which will have zero impact on our levels of greenhouse pollution.”

“At the last election voters showed their support for climate action, and poll after poll consistently shows the majority of Australians want to see action to rapidly reduce our greenhouse pollution, not more delays” concluded Mr Wakeham.

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Where: Commonwealth offices, Treasury Place, Melbourne

When: 3pm today

What: Environment groups and climate action groups protest with photo opportunity

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