News | 5th Aug, 2010

Enough said, red

Thursday, 5 August 2010
The Age

A small but distinctive band of protesters gathered in the City Square yesterday under the banner of Rangas for Climate Action.

The redheads were protesting against what they say is Chief Ranga Prime Minister Julia Gillard's absence of policy to reduce greenhouse pollution.

The head of Rangas for Climate Action, Natalie Jamieson, said Ms Gillard had let them down on climate change. ''As for Tony Abbott, we're not even convinced he believes in climate change, or redheads for that matter,'' she added. "With our pale skin and delicate features we're worried that we'll fry unless something is done to reduce greenhouse pollution in Australia. In this election campaign we've had more focus so far on Julia's wardrobe than we've had on climate change."

Yesterday's protest was also to promote the Walk Against Warming on August 15, which will take place in the suburbs and the electorates of La Trobe, Deakin and Melbourne.