Blog | 14th Aug, 2010

Walk with the people. Not the big polluters.

You're probably already on your way to your nearest Walk, but on the off-chance that you're stuck behind your computer, we'll be bringing you the latest news and images from our Walks in City Square, Deakin and La Trobe. So stayed glued to this BLOG. (Don't forget to hit 'refresh' to see the latest updates).


And we're off! We had boxes full of leaflets and stuff to pack. Thankfully though, we also had some very excited and focused staff. So the vans are all packed (nice job guys) and on their way to City Square, Deakin and La Trobe. We've also just gotten word that Channel 7, 9 and 10 will all be at our Melbourne walk. Hoorah! So, we hope to see you all there!


Melbourne team are in City Square and going gang-busters. The Walk Against Warming banner's been strung up between the trees and is flapping brilliantly in the wind. Boxes of leaflets are being organised in a way that looks vaguely coherent. It's on! Update from Deakin and La Trobe teams coming soon…


The La Trobe team have stocked up on plenty of vitamin C this morning in preperation for a big day of walking the streets. Just going through the Mullum Mullum tunnel now, they can see a spot of rain but nothing will dampen their spirits today!


Our lovely volunteers are flooding into the CBD to give us a hand. Gosh they're good! And in their spare time (yeah right!) the Melbourne folk have nailed down a chant for the cameras: "Walk with the people, not the big polluters. Climate action now!" How good! We'll have all the footage for you asap.  


Walkers in Melbourne have defied the drizzle and are arriving in droves. With their umbrella's in toe and leaflets underarm they're-a-ready to go. But not before a couple of speeches from us here at Environment Victoria, Australian Conservation Foundation and Oxfam. Like all party hosts we're feeling a little nervous! Hop here for photos of the day


Amongst the 500 odd walkers in the Melbourne crowd today, we have some classic characters. We have Ms Gillard Queen of Delay, Mr Abbott Climate Denier and Mr Fergurson Fossil Fool. Hah very clever! We've also got lots of families, cyclists and redheads for climate action all in good spirits despite the drizzle. Well done guys for making it out! Will add these pics to Flickr when we get a sec.


The 2010 Walk Against Warming has kicked off with a speech from our Campaigns Director Mark Wakeham in Melbourne, CEO Kelly O'Shanassy in La Trobe and Safe Climate Campaigner Victoria McKenzie-McHarg in Deakin. Sounding good!


Don Henry from the Australian Conservation Foundation has the mike in Melbourne at the moment. He's been travelling around the nation and has seen how frustrated Australians are about the lack of action on climate policy. 79 percent of Aussies infact want strong action on climate change. Now that's hard to ignore.


Down in Deakin there's about 200 people, one Hazel the Dinosaur and a couple of turtles against climate change.. so good of them to make the treck onto shore for the occassion! These passionate folk are at the moment listening to Rachel Coghlan from World Vision talk about how climate change will affect those in developing nations.


We have Andrew Hewitt from Oxfam Australia on stage in Melbourne talking of the increase in natural disasters around the world and how they will effect the world's poorest people. He's also just said our political leaders should cut the crap and act on climate change now! Tell it like it is Andrew! Like it!!


Walkers in Melbourne and Deakin are banding together and walking backwards to symbolise Julia and Tony, moving backwards on climate change. The camera's are gonna be lovin this! And down in La Trobe, the 60 odd walkers have stuck on their "I'm Walking Against Warming" stickers proudly on their chest and have begun their day of Walking Against Warming.


All happy walkers in Melbourne and Deakin are collecting their leafleting packs and will now head into the wilderness of their allocated electorates (by PT of corse) and spread our safe climate message to over 300,000 influential voters. Go you good things!!


The last of the leafletting packs has been snaffled up as the walkers brave the wet and windy day for such a great cause. A huge thanks to all that were involved in any way shape or form. The planet sure does love you. Well done!


It's bucketing down here in Melbourne so really feeling for you lot out there! Just remember there's a beverage waiting for you at the after party come 4.00pm. Meet us at The Workers Club, Corner Gertrude Street and Brunswick Street Fitzroy (accessible by tram 86, tram 112 or 10 minutes walk from Parliament Station) when you've finished letterboxing. See ya there!