Blog | 31st Aug, 2010

And tell the government not to ease water restrictions

Starting today, Premier Brumby has eased Melbourne's water restrictions from Stage 3 to Stage 2. So starting today, you could see your neighbours out and about, water hoses akimbo. It couldn't be worse for our struggling rivers. And just as Melburnians were getting the hang of being water-wise!

Your mission (should you choose to accept it): don't stop now!

We've spent years getting good at saving water. And Melburnians have become serious water super-savers. So why stop now? We're used to taking shorters showers and we're seriously water-wise gardeners. We've accepted it as part of our lives and it makes sense for our future. Most of us have stopped thinking about it as a burden or a chore. It's just the responsible thing to do.

So keep up the good work Victoria and stay on Target 155.

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Sign our Petition

While you're at it, tell Premier Brumby and Minister Holding that you want them to give water back to our rivers before easing water restrictions. The environment still doesn't have it's fair share of water and our rivers are dying for a drink.

Until our dams have a sensible amount of water in them, and our rivers have their fair share of their own water, water restrictions must stay in place. Help us tell the state government that relaxing water restrictions for consumers, only increases the burden on our stressed and struggling rivers.

Sign our online petition and let Premier Brumby and Minister Holding know that you want water put back in our rivers before water restrictions are reduced. Add your voice to ours


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