Blog | 27th Sep, 2010

Our new Rivers campaign short video shows how… 

Water and rivers are a complex campaigning space. In the lead up to the November state election, we've refined our asks and developed a River Rescue Package.

It outlines the why and how of our three main asks and their supporting actions; and these are: to secure water for the new River Red Gum parks for delivery from 2012, protect our river's rights to water by improving the Victorian Water Act, and delivering the hundreds of billions of litres of water that's been promised to rivers, but hasn't yet been delivered.

Together with some of our fantastic rivers campaign volunteers, we've also produced a short video – shot on the banks of the sunny Goulburn River – to unpack some of the finer points of what we belive the next state government needs to do to rescue our rivers.

"But it's rained cats and dogs!!" I hear you say..and yep, it sure has.

But our rivers need and deserve a secure water future – just like you and I. One wetter winter has not solved the crisis our rivers, wetlands and the wildlife that live in them are still facing.

And as for the new River Red Gum parks, only a reliable and legally entitled water allocation will make sure the next time there's a dry spell, three quarters of river red gum trees won't be stressed, dead or dying. Our new parks need a fair share of water to be set aside for environmental watering purposes so that they flourish.

Go on, to check out our Rescue Our Rivers short video just below, and post a comment below to let us know what you think.