Blog | 28th Oct, 2010

And play a role in reducing our motoring impacts on our environment

Electric vehicles seem destined to play a big part in our future sustainble transport mix. And while we know that investment in public and active transport will be key to cleaning up our transport system, we need to get serious about supporting electric vehicles, and other efficient vehicles to get moving towards the cuts in our pollution from transport that we know are necessary.

And so we’re pretty damn excited about the opportunity to be a part of the Victorian Electric Vehicle Trial that gives Victorians the chance to play a key role in laying the foundations for making Victoria an electric vehicle-friendly place.

The Victorian Electric Vehicle Trial will see how electric vehicles will operate in Victoria, so it won't just consider technology – it will consider people as well. That means they need ordinary Victorians to drive electric vehicles and report back on their experiences – we know, so thoughtful!

The T’s and C’s I hear you say (‘terms and conditions’, for the more formal among you)! They’re after 180 households to trial an electric car for three months in a real-world test. The trial will provide the vehicle charging point and pay for insurance; the household will pay the cost of electricity (it will be less than you would pay for petrol). Oh and you’ll need a valid Victorian driver licence of course. All in order to find out how, where, why and when you drive the vehicle, and what you think. Pretty good deal we think.

So get in quick, applications to take part are open until Wednesday, 1 December 2010. And to participate you must complete the form online at Sorry folks, no phone or email applications will be accepted.

Go you good things!

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PS. Environment Victoria is a VIP Advisor to the Electic Vehicle Trial (and proud about it too!). If you happen to be one of the lucky few who get chosen for the trial please let us know how you go by leaving a comment below.