Blog | 15th Nov, 2010

but our environment is for us all 

Amidst all the discussion on the Greens and preferences, it seems the two major parties which could actually form the next government have forgotten that our environment is in serious trouble.

While the ALP has made some promising announcements on climate change, they are yet to outline a comprehensive package to address Victoria’s environmental challenges over the next four years. Meanwhile the Coalition are missing in action and seem content to contest this election without any major environment polices.

Now that we’ve gotten past the destructive debate about preferences, can we please get on with talking about some of the actual issues, like the state of our rivers, our coal addiction and the state’s biodiversity crisis.

According to Sustainability Victoria research, 86 percent of Victorians want action for our environment. And you just need to peak over the back fence at the rainwater tanks and solar panels being installed to see people taking action. Victorians are ready and waiting for leadership.

There has never been a more important time for strong and urgent leadership on our environment.

Scientists tell us that this is the decade that matters. This is the decade that we must halt global (and state) emissions if we are to have a fighting chance for a safe climate future. This is the decade that we must return water to our very own Murray River if we are to save the Coorong and the magnificent Red Gums that exist no where else in the world. This is the decade that determines the future of our rivers, our climate, our farms, our community, our jobs and our economy.

The next state government will hold office for a critical four year window over the next decade. Anyone who aspires to lead the state for this period needs a clear and comprehensive plan for environmental leadership. With the Coalition lagging on just 11 out of a possible 100 points on our environment election scorecard and the ALP on 47, our political leaders have two weeks to step up!

Kelly O’Shanassy
CEO, Environment Victoria