Blog | 23rd Nov, 2010

Delivered this morning

Thank-you to those rivers champions who printed, signed and posted Pledges into us!

Today we delivered your Pledges to Premier Brumby and Mr Baillieu. You’ve helped us make it loud and clear that Victorians have been working hard to save water, so now our rivers should get a drink.

With water tank, buckets and watering cans, Environment Victoria volunteers reminded all parties contesting this weekend’s state election that Victorians have been doing their bit to meet the government’s Target 155 campaign to save water at home.

Now, we all want action state government action to Rescue Our Rivers.

Today I said that “these Victorians have signed the Rescue Our Rivers Pledge, and attached their water bills to prove they’re saving water at home. Now, they want to see a fair share of water for our environment.”

Despite the Spring rains providing a welcome reprieve for our parched rivers, they are still under threat from over-extraction of water for human use.

Part of our role here at Environment Victoria is to speak up for ordinary Victorians who are worried about our water security and want to see our magnificent rivers restored to health for our kids to see. Today’s action is one example of how we do that.

We believe our rivers should get a fair share of total available inflows of water. One drop of water – which is proportionally what our rivers get – simply isn’t enough. More water needs to be legally set aside for the environment.

To see more photos of this morning’s stunt – including the giant water drop that features on the front cover of today’s MX visit our Flickr page here

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