Media Releases | 26th Nov, 2010

Coalition’s condemned for failure to reveal climate change policy

Friday, 26 November 2010

Environment Victoria today condemned the Victorian Coalition for hiding their climate change policy from voters, confirming fears that the Coalition has no credible plan to achieve Victoria’s legislated target to reduce emissions by 20 percent by 2020.

Environment Victoria’s CEO Kelly O’Shanassy said:

“The Coalition has had 11 years in Opposition to come up with a credible policy on climate change. Coalition advisors have told us that the party prepared a climate change and environment policy, however it appears they have decided against releasing the policy before the election.

“Any party that doesn’t present the community with a clear plan to reduce greenhouse pollution does not deserve to lead the state, particularly given that the next four years is a critical window for action on climate change.”

“Ted Baillieu has been quick to criticise plans to replace Hazelwood power station, while coming up with no plan himself to deliver substantial cuts to greenhouse pollution.

In an online interview with The Age last week Mr Baillieu raised doubts about whether the Coalition is serious about meeting the 20 percent target saying “we’d like to think it was achievable. I’m not sure it will be achieved”.

Mr Baillieu also told MTR radio yesterday that coal fired power stations like Hazelwood would only be replaced if the federal government puts a price on carbon.

“While Mr Baillieu is passing the buck for emissions reduction to Canberra, his Federal Coalition colleagues continue to oppose a price on carbon. It’s difficult to escape the conclusion that the Coalition’s response to climate change is in total disarray and that they are still in denial about the scale of the problem” said Ms O’Shanassy.

Environment groups released a scorecard today showing that the Greens have the strongest climate and environment policies scoring 93%, the ALP was next best on 52% and the Coalition was trailing far behind on just 22%.

For details on the scorecard hop here

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Kelly O’Shanassy, CEO Environment Victoria on 0421 054 402 or 9341 8119

Note: Ms O’Shanassy will be availble over the weekend to comment on the election results, and implications for Victoria’s environment.