Blog | 13th Dec, 2010

and share the power

Still searching for a climate friendly gift for family and friends this Christmas? Look no further, as our friends at Hepburn Wind might just have the answer.

A membership in Hepburn Wind is the perfect gift for family and friends this Christmas. Your gift will be a vote of confidence in a greener future and a gift that will last for decades.

Construction has begun on Australia’s first community owned wind farm. More than 1400 individuals have come together to fund the development of the two turbine Hepburn Community Wind Farm in Leonards Hill, near Daylesford, Victoria.

The project is proving that by working together we can achieve great feats, and is inspiring communities around Australia to build their own clean energy projects.

This Christmas, you are invited to share the inspiration of Hepburn Wind with your family and friends.

Normally the minimum investment for those outside our community is $1000, but until 29 December, we are lowering the minimum investment to just $100.

For more details, or to purchase a gift certificate, please visit

To be kept in the loop, sign up to the low-volume mailing list or follow Hepburn Wind on Twitter.

Apologies to interstate and overseas supporters, however this offer is limited to Victorian gift recipients only. While Environment Victoria thinks Hepburn Wind is a great idea, we cannot warrant the suitability of Hepburn Wind as an investment. Make sure you do your own research!