News | 14th Jan, 2011

Enjoy, or escape, the summer heat

Friday, 14 January 2011
Cheryl Critchley, Herald Sun

Hitting the beach isn't the only way to cool off, writes Cheryl Critchley.

Summer is our most relaxing season, but can also be the most uncomfortable.

If the heat and humidity are getting to you and a sojourn to cooler climes is out of the question, it's possible to keep cool using some simple common sense.

Staying out of the midday sun, carrying a water bottle and avoiding dehydrating caffeine-laced drinks are all a good start.

Environment Victoria also recommends keeping doors, windows and curtains shut in the heat.

Around the home, the organisation says we should also grow plants around windows and paint the roof and rooms a light colour.

You can also use a spray bottle on your face, carry a wet face washer on the back of your neck, wet a sheet before retiring or put a kiddy pool on the verandah for sweaty feet.


Hit the beach. Melbourne isn't known for its beaches, but most Melburnians are within a 30 to 45-minute drive from water. Find your closest beach and slip, slop, slap.

Shop. Shopping centres are blissfully cool on a hot day and you don't have to spend much. Linger in a cafe, do essential shopping, see a movie or visit the library.

Stay indoors. Stay inside during the peak midday heat. Downstairs is better if you don't have air conditioning as heat rises.

Swim. Melbourne has lots of great indoor and outdoor pools if you don't have one.

Make icy poles. Fill a mould with fruit juice, yoghurt or cordial. Freeze small iceblocks for drinks and freeze large ones to suck or wrap in a cloth.

Buy a mist sprayer. Cool your skin with a cheap plastic garden or ironing mist sprayer. Kids can use water pistols outside.

Use hand-held fans. A cheap, battery-operated portable fan will keep you cool at concerts and sport. Some boast a misting feature.

Visit a park. If you must be outdoors, ensure it is shaded and take frozen icy stick tubes in an ice-filled Esky.

Have a cold shower or bath. Guaranteed to cool you down instantly.

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