Blog | 9th Mar, 2011

with our new CoalWatch resource

Your Green Action of the month, should you choose to accept it, is to help us keep an eye on the dangerous expansion plans of Victoria’s brown coal industry. Keep track of the coal mining leases over towns and farmland around the state, and help us put a stop to new coal-fired power stations.

There’s more than a couple of ways you can get involved:

  • Take legal action. Whether a proposed or existing coal mining licence lies over your land, or just in your community, there are a range of legal rights and avenues that you can pursue to stop or slow the expansion of brown coal production. Get the low down
  • Write a letter to your local paper, your local MP or call talk back radio and let you know how outraged you are by the lack of disclosure there’s been around coal licences on in your area. Get fired up 
  • Blow the whistle! If you’ve got the inside scoop on a polluting coal project that’s not listed on Coal Watch, or have more information to add to an existing listing, then let us know! We’re happy to receive anonymous tip-offs and we promise to protect your anonymity. Cross our hearts! Share the juice 
  • Go all the way and update the CoalWatch wiki. It’s astonishingly simple. Here’s the how to 
  • Give us a shout to sign-up as a CoalWatch activistand help us build a movement to stop the polluting industry in it’s tracks. Sounds good aint it!
  • And of course if you’re on Twitter, tweet away with the #CoalWatch hashtag.

For those of you who want to dig a little deeper, CoalWatch is an interactive, online resource that tracks the dangerous expansion plans of Victoria’s brown coal industry. It’ll provide a way for ordinary Victorians like you and I to keep track the extent of coal mining leases over towns and farmland around the state. And in effect, we hope it’ll help build a movement to stop the polluting moves by the polluting industry. So take a squizz here

CoalWatch is based on the successful CoalSwarm wiki in the US, which became the nerve-centre for an anti-coal movement that succeeded in preventing the construction of almost 100 new coal plants. Pretty impressive huh!

So with a little help from our US friends, we’ve set up our very own tracking system that provides details on coal mining leases, power station developments, coal export plans, and so-called ‘clean coal’ developments all over Victoria.

So jump here and get all the dirty details on the coal industry in Victoria and take action to help stop these polluting moves in our backyards.