Media Releases | 12th Mar, 2011

Thousands turn out in Melbourne to support a price on pollution

Saturday, 12 March 2011

With just one weekʼs notice, 7,500 Melbournians converged on the cityʼs Treasury Place this morning to demonstrate their support for swift and effective action to reduce greenhouse pollution.

“Australians donʼt want our parliamentarians thinking that a vocal minority of negative naysayers speak for Australia – so we took to the street and made our voice heard,” GetUp National Director Simon Sheikh said.

“This is the year to put a price on the biggest polluting industries, and use that money to invest in clean energy, and helping lower-income families adjust to.”

The rally was called for to counter an anti-carbon tax protest being conducted on the other side of Melbourne, outside Prime Minister Gillardʼs electoral office in Werribee. That protest is estimated to have involved just 150 people.

The message out of the pro-action rally is a resounding “yes” to putting a limit and price on pollution, and investing in a rapid transition to a clean energy economy.

Australian Conservation Foundation Climate Change Campaigner Claire Maries said, “With just a weeksʼ notice, the people of Melbourne have come out in force to demonstrate their support for action on climate change – starting with a price on pollution.”

“Australians have been waiting for four years for the Labor Government to deliver its promises to take action on climate change,” Kelly OʼShannessy, the CEO of Environment Victoria said. “They have marched in their tens of thousands, and todayʼs crowd is a drop in the ocean of support across the country for putting a limit and price on pollution”

“We hope that all members of parliament heed very clearly our message today,” Ellen Sandell, Director of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition said. “Australians are saying ʻyesʼ to a limit and price on pollution; saying ʻyesʼ to just transitions and a clean energy future; saying ʻyesʼ to meeting our international responsibilities with pride and goodwill.”


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