Blog | 6th Apr, 2011

and we’d love you to jump on board

We’ve officially launched our Save the Murray campaign into the world of Facebook and we’re just a little excited.

This month, help us spread the Save the Murray love by signing up to our cause on Facebook. We need 1000 people to our cause in April and create a big buzz for all things Murray. Your support will help Victorians near and far to band together and make our voices heard.

You can share your experiences of the mighty Murray and your hopes for its future. You can post happy snaps of your last trip there or even a video if you’re that tech savvy (go you!). It also lets you post links to other web pages – a great way to keep abreast with developments on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. And of course it’s a great way to build connections with likeminded folk around our state.

Big irrigator lobby groups are attempting to derail the process. Even as we speak, the Murray-Darling Basin Authority is flirting with the idea of returning less water to the Murray-Darling. We need your voice joined with ours to let them know that this is simply unacceptable.

Help us reach 1000 people. Jump on today and join our Save the Murray Facebook cause…

All aboard!

And of course if you’re not on Facebook or you want to get involved in other ways, there’s plenty of ways to paddle along with us. Check ‘em out here