News | 4th May, 2011

Climate change ‘ignored’

Wednesday, 4 May 2011
Adam Morton, The Age

Victoria's ability to meet its legislated target of a 20 per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions is in serious doubt after the Baillieu government largely ignored the environment in its first budget, green groups say.

The government delivered election commitments including an extra $41 million for low emissions technology projects and $20 million for community based environmental projects, but did not include programs aimed at helping meet the target.

The section of the budget papers devoted to climate change measures lists the national target to cut emissions by at least 5 per cent cut below 2000 levels by 2020, but not the state target.
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It says the state's climate focus would be complementing national action, maximising Victoria's potential ''green economy'' and helping the community adapt to climate change.

Environment Victoria chief executive Kelly O'Shannassy said: '

''It is particularly disappointing that the Treasurer's budget speech failed to even mention climate change, and that there is so little investment in energy efficiency programs, given the Coalition's concern with the rising cost of energy bills.''

A budget press release said there would be funding cuts to advocacy groups including Environment Victoria , but details were not released.

Ms O'Shannassy said there were some positives, including funding for public transport.


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