Media Releases | 13th May, 2011

Say YES Campaign: National Week of Action Launched

Friday, 13 May 2011

Leading organisations representing young people, workers, and the environment who share a common commitment to a price on pollution have today launched a Say Yes National Week of Action.

The Week of Action will begin on Monday 30 May and culminate in family-friendly rallies in all major cities on Sunday 5 June, World Environment Day.

“We’ve come together under the banner ‘Say Yes’ because we’re positive about Australia’s future. We believe that if Australians work together to cut pollution and build clean energy, we’ll make a success of it” said Dr Linda Selvey, Greenpeace CEO.

The organisations, which represent over 3 million Australians, are calling on their supporters and the broader community to get involved in the National Week of Action, which is part of a broader campaign under the banner: “Say Yes to Cutting Carbon Pollution and a Cleaner Australia”.

‘Say Yes’ will show there is mainstream support for real action on climate change through public events, a TV and print information campaign, and online. All organisations involved believe that it is in Australia’s national interest to legislate an effective climate package including a price on carbon pollution in 2011.

A ‘call to action’ video has been released and is available at:

“We’re disappointed in the negativity of the current political debate, much of which is driven by companies and individuals that are putting self-interest ahead of the national interest”, said ACTU President Ged Kearney.

“We’re concerned the benefits of action haven’t been communicated clearly. Putting a price on pollution and investing in clean energy will have huge health, economic and jobs benefits for Australians”, said ACF Executive Director Don Henry.

“We don’t want our parliamentarians thinking that a vocal minority of negative naysayers speak for Australia,” GetUp National Director Simon Sheikh said. “The ‘Say Yes’ campaign will show that the mainstream view – one that hard-line shock-jocks prefer to ignore – is positive and in favour of action on rising pollution.”

Each partner organisation’s CEO (or equivalent) is available for interview today, the majority in person at Parliament House Canberra.

Organisation CEO or equivalent Contact Number

WWF-Australia Dermot O’Gorman Jaya Myler 0422 202881
Greenpeace Dr Linda Selvey Dae Levine 0448 801044
The CIimate Institute John Connor Garrett Stringer 0405 306623
Australian Council of Trade Unions Ged Kearney Rebecca Tucker 0408 031 269
Australian Youth Climate Coalition Ellen Sandell 0400 544 754
GetUp Simon Sheikh Paul Mackay 0415 182 402
Australian Conservation Foundation Don Henry Josh Meadows 0439 342992
Environment Victoria Kelly O’Shanassy Louise Matthiesson 0417 017844
Climate Action Network Australia Georgina Woods 0407 227633