Blog | 16th May, 2011

Environmental Water Holder appointed!

Independent management of environmental water, at arm’s length from government, is essential for robust decision making on the provision and use of environmental water’. That’s what we said last year and since then the Victorian government has made some big steps towards achieving our aim.

Last year legislation was passed by the Victorian Parliament to set up a Victorian Environmental Water Holder to hold, manage and deliver environmental entitlements, and this week Environment Minister Ryan Smith announced the appointment of the Commissioners who will start work on 1st July.

The Commissioners have a wealth of experience of water management, environmental flows and community engagement. The Chairperson is Dennis Flett, who has 30 years experience of Victoria’s northern rivers and was Chair of the Consultative Committee for the development of the Northern Region Sustainable Water Strategy. Dennis will be assisted by Geoff Hocking, former CEO of West Gippsland CMA and our good friend, Yarra Riverkeeper Ian Penrose.

Environment Victoria congratulates all the Commissioners on their appointment, and we look forward to working with them in achieving that ‘robust decision making on the provision and use of environmental water in Victoria’.