Media Releases | 20th May, 2011

Victorian Environment Protection Authority approves big pollution hike

Friday, 20 May 2011

Today the Victorian Environment Protection Agency (EPA) approved staged construction of the new HRL coal fired power station in Morwell, Victoria.

Environment Victoria CEO Kelly O’Shanassy said:

“The EPA has comprehensively failed in its duty to protect Victoria’s environment today when they approved a new coal plant for Victoria.”

“Even with this part-approval the new plant will pump millions of tonnes of pollution into our environment every year. How is this protecting the environment or Victorians?”

“At a time when we must reduce greenhouse pollution, the EPA is making it worse”.

“It shows that the EPA is clearly out of touch with the community with over 4000 objections to the new coal plant received by the EPA and only 11 in support. This is the most objections to any proposal that the EPA has every received yet they have been ignored.”

“The EPA is required to assess projects against a best practice standard under the Environmental Protection Act. There is no way the HRL Dual Gas project can be considered to be best practice electricity generation given that it is twice as polluting as an efficient gas power station and many times more polluting that renewable energy or energy efficiency projects.”

“Victoria has an abundance of clean energy options that are a better alternative to new polluting coal-fired power station.”

“Before the election, the Baillieu government committed to reducing Victoria’s greenhouse pollution by 20 percent by 2020. This decision will take us in the wrong direction, increasing emissions by up to three percent.”

“The State Government should reject the EPA’s decision and withdraw their $50 million grant to HRL and use it to support genuinely clean energy projects” Ms O’Shanassy concluded.

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