News | 1st Jun, 2011

Pollution tax scare takes a knock or two

Wednesday, 1 June 2011
Sharon Green, Wyndham Weekly, Point Cook Weekly

An environmental volunteer has hit the streets of Wyndham to highlight the importance of environmental issues in the community.

Ahead of World Environment Day on Sunday, Catherine Ryan volunteered on behalf of Environment Victoria to talk to residents about the urgent need to act on climate change.

"People are being bombarded by a fear campaign in the media over the proposed price on pollution, so doorknocking is a good way to speak to people one-on-one and let them know the real story," she said.

Ms Ryan said last weekend's campaign gave residents the chance to learn more.

"There needs to be some method to reduce emissions and one way is a tax, because they [people] have to pay more and think more about what they're doing."

As treasurer of the Western Region Environment Centre, Ms Ryan is working on a "shoestring" gardening project which encourages people to develop productive gardens on a budget. The support network shares knowledge on running sustainable gardens and pools resources to bulk-buy plants and equipment, essentially helping people to fund their gardens.

Ms Ryan does simple things to reduce her impact on the environment, such as planning car trips and riding her bike when possible.

"We should also be mindful in thinking about the way we consume. Consider the things you're buying and whether you really need them," she said.

Ms Ryan also supports the Freecycle group where new and secondhand goods can be donated and exchanged.

"We all need to be part of the initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and reduce our carbon footprint."

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