Blog | 1st Jun, 2011

this World Environment Day

World Environment Day is one of those brilliant annual events where communities from all corners of the globe band together to display positive action for the environment, our planet and its future. It’s a day that inspires global awareness of environmental issues and encourages political attention and action. And it couldn’t have come at a better time with the price on pollution debate heating up!

So OUR action this World Environment Day will be to stand up for climate action in Australia by saying YES for a price on carbon pollution. And we’d love you to join us!

Say YES Australia Rally

Sunday, 5 June from 11am

State Library, Swanston St Melbourne

Because we know that Australians can achieve great things when we put our minds to it. If we decide to cut pollution and embrace a cleaner, healthier, sustainable future for our children we will make a success of it. So if you think Australia will be better off with less pollution and cleaner skies please stand up and be counted on Sunday.

And of course if you’re not able to make it to the big day there’s plenty of other ways to get active in the Price on Pollution Campaign. Like writing to your MP or calling talk back radio. Check ‘em out here

And here’s a handy resource to convince your skeptical neighbour or friend. Seven good reasons to say YES to a price on carbon pollution

Get excited and check out the Say YES Australia ad…