Blog | 9th Jun, 2011

against new coal in Victoria

This afternoon Environment Victoria and local climate action group Local’s Into Victoria’s Environment (LIVE) launched our legal campaign against the proposed new coal fired power station for Victoria, HRL.

At 1pm we filed our appeal at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). See pics here of all the action. The immediate result of this action is that we’ve prevented any construction at the site until our appeal is heard.

See the story in today’s The Age here

While that’s a good outcome in itself, over the longer term we’ll be focusing on winning our appeal, and proving once and for all that in this day and age, new brown coal fired power stations in Victoria are absolutely not ‘best practice’ electricity generation.

We’ll also be working with other environmental organisations and community groups to make sure that the proposed power station doesn’t get the funding that it needs to go ahead, and campaigning for the state and federal governments to withdraw the $150 million in funding that they’ve already set aside for this big polluter.

I know we’ve said it before, but we really need your help. We need your help to fund this important and potentially game-changing campaign. And we need your help to show that the community wants renewable energy, not new coal power.

Please, if you can donate to our appeal to support this campaign, do so here

And to help us show the breadth of support for action, please ask your family and friends to sign this petition online here, or download and print it for them to sign in person, then return it to us at the office.

Thank again for your support to date, and we’ll keep you posted as this campaign rolls on.