Blog | 22nd Jun, 2011

Working together to secure flows

The month of June has seen two significant improvements in environmental water for the Moorabool River, long considered the state’s most flow stressed.

The first was on 6 June when pumping from the Batesford Quarry commenced, promising to deliver between 2,500 and 3,000 ML (megalitres) per annum to the very lower section of the Moorabool River and then into the Barwon River and its RAMSAR wetlands at Lake Connewarre.

The campaign to secure this water has been a long one and PALM sends congratulations to the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority for their perseverance.

Much of the water had been traditionally pumped into Corio Bay requiring significantly more energy so the environment benefits on more than one level.

The second significant release commenced from the Lal Lal Reservoir on 20 June. This involves daily amounts of 90ML for the next week with a tapering after that to bring the total to 800ML. This is a portion of the 6,300ML currently held for the environment in the dam.

Again it is very pleasing to see the fruits of heavy campaigning by groups like PALM and other community members as well as councillors from Golden Plains, Moorabool, and The City of Greater Geelong along with people within the relevant agencies to secure this water now being used to make a real difference to the Moorabool River.

The People for A Living Moorabool have continually pushed for community involvement in decisions about the river.

PALM have invited Jayden Wooley from the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority to attend a meeting with members and others to explain the Seasonal Watering Plan for 2011-12 and to respond to questions and input from the community.

It is to be held at the Meredith Community House, 4 Russel St, Meredith this coming Wednesday, 29 June starting at 6:30pm. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Love to see you there. For more info please contact Cameron Steele 0438 211 458.