Blog | 13th Jul, 2011

I'm Environment Victoria's new Healthy Rivers Campaigner...

Taking over from Amelia Young, who after a fine effort of sticking up for our rivers is off on other adventures.

I’ve been at Environment Victoria for a few years now, as part of the Sustainable Living team. I like a bit of a challenge, so it’s great to now be taking on the mighty Murray, and making sure we make the most of this year’s opportunity to take a sick river and turn things around.

I learnt to swim in the Snowy River, spent time camping by the Glenelg, and used to regularly turn blue splashing around in the icy waters of the East Kiewa. But for me working on the Murray isn’t just about saving beautiful places. Another early memory is the ’82-’83 drought and watching a family friend shooting his sheep, because it was better than leaving them to starve. 2011’s been beautifully wet, but as the climate changes there’s just not going to be enough water in our rivers. And definitely not enough to keep using water the way we have been.

We need to help irrigation communities transition to economies which will survive climate change, we need to only irrigate where it’s viable, to make sure farmers are treated with dignity, and to leave enough water for healthy rivers for all of us. Which is where you come in. If you haven’t already, now’s a great time to sign our eCard.

Err, sorry, I think I got a bit campaigny there, when I was really just trying to write a friendly intro blog. Um, hi! Good to be here. To get the latest on what I’m getting up to, follow Environment Victoria on Twitter, sign up to our eBulletin, or check out our Save the Murray Facebook page for regular updates. Hope to hear from you soon!