Blog | 18th Jul, 2011

billboard on Australia's life-blood 

I thought it was about time we told you about our billboard on saving the Murray. If you’re a politician you probably already know about it, because you pass it on the Tullamarine Freeway every time you head to the airport for a flight to Canberra.

If you’re a jetsetter, you’d know about it for the same reason. But for those of us who haven’t caught a plane lately and are spending winter shivering in Victoria, you might not know that these last few weeks we’ve had a beautiful billboard up.

It’s part of getting the message out far and wide that this year is our opportunity to save the Murray, forever. At the moment we’re getting people to do that by signing our interactive eCard. In a couple of weeks’ time the Murray-Darling Basin Authority will be releasing its draft plan for how we use water in the Murray-Darling rivers. Then we’ll be encouraging you and everyone you know to have a say on the plan. Stay tuned for all the details.

The Save the Murray billboard has been possible thanks to donations from people like you. Thanks! We couldn’t have done it without you.

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