Blog | 3rd Aug, 2011

with Meat Free Mondays

How good does this sound. By having one meat-free day each week you’ll be taking part in a world changing campaign where what’s good for you is also good for your health, hip pocket, animal welfare, global hunger and of course, the environment. Making it one simple yet mighty green action for the planet! Woo-hoo!

By reducing your meat consumption, you’ll be making great steps towards reducing the environmental problems associated with the meat industry. Think about it. All the food miles, packaging, water use, burping methane, waste etc. make meat one of the most intensive foods to produce. In fact, a UN study in 2006 found that the livestock industry was responsible for a whopping 18% of man’s global greenhouse gas emissions. That’s even more than transport! So by making this simple change in what you eat you’re becoming apart of a more sustainable agriculture and lifestyle.

You’ll also be giving your health a big boost too. Just a few months ago, a World Cancer Research Fund issued a fresh warning that high consumption of red meats such as beef, pork ad lamb pose a ‘convincing’ link with bowel cancer. That’s not to mention to strong links between high meat diets and obesity and heart disease. Yikes! Don’t those fresh fruits and veggies look so much better now!

So considering all this, it’s a no brainer. Here are some links to help get you cracking. And of course, feel free to add your own tips / veggie recipes in the comments section below.

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