News | 15th Sep, 2011

Giant globe to spread carbon tax message

Thursday, 15 September 2011

As the arguments for and against a carbon tax dominate the national agenda in Canberra, a group of Victorians will show their support for the legislation by relaying a giant globe through the state.

The inflatable world globe, two metres in diameter, will make 20 stops across Victoria, travelling from the state's west to the east to appear at community events and at attractions such as the Twelve Apostles.

It will make its first stop in Geelong on Friday before arriving in Canberra in November, in time for the carbon tax legislation that's likely to be passed in parliament.

Launching the relay in Melbourne on Thursday, Environment Victoria's campaign director Mark Wakeham said the globe was a symbol of support for the government's proposed tax, to counter the protests against it.

"The globe is our relay baton and our symbol," Mr Wakeham said.

"With all the negativity around the carbon price debate we want to show that many Australians want us to get on with the job of reducing greenhouse pollution.

"The coalition is calling for more debate on the legislation and yet saying nothing of substance in hours and hours of parliamentary debate.

"We want to highlight that there's a lot of enthusiasm, there's a lot of Australians who actually look forward to the introduction of the legislation and can see that it will bring on new clean energy jobs which we need."

Debate on Labor's carbon tax bills got under way in the lower house on Wednesday and the legislation is expected to pass both houses by mid-November.