Media Releases | 19th Sep, 2011

Environment Victoria calls for coal seam gas moratorium

Monday, 19 September 2011

Environment Victoria’s Campaigns Director Mark Wakeham will today tell a state parliamentary inquiry into mining developments that coal seam methane projects are dangerous and highly polluting and should be subject to a statewide moratorium.

Mr Wakeham will also present evidence that:

  • The Inquiry’s assumption that exploration needs to be increased is dangerous given Victoria’s huge coal and coal seam gas reserves which would be highly polluting if developed.
  • Victoria’s regulatory environment is flawed with land-holders frequently unaware that there are applications for exploration over their land.
  • Environmental impact assessment and rehabilitation for exploration is inadequate and exposes taxpayers to liability for the costs of any damage.
  • The state government has issued exploration licences over some of Victoria’s most sensitive environments including the Gippsland Lakes, Ninety Mile Beach, the Surf Coast and the Strzelecki Ranges.
  • Royalties for coal mining in Victoria are half the equivalent royalties in NSW and Qld.
  • Victoria’s minerals industry has consistently over-promised and under-delivered, receiving large mineral endowments and then failing to create a single new job.

The Inquiry into “Greenfields Mineral Exploration and Project Development in Victoria” is being undertaken by the State Parliament’s Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee.

When: 11.15am Monday, 19 September 2011

Where: Room G3 — 55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne 3002


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