News | 26th Sep, 2011

It’s the undirty dozen

Melbourne Leader
Monday, 26 September 2011

A team of eco-warriors is in training at new Carlton housing developments.

Twelve residents of the buildings in Drummond St, Princes St and Reeves St are learning about the state-of-the-art features of the housing, including solar heating, recycling and composting, grey water reuse and rainwater harvesting, and double-glazed windows.

The green-conscious dozen, from both public and private housing, will guide their neighbours as they try to maximise potential environmental benefits and various cost savings.

One leader will be Doug McCann, who lived in the previous public housing flats on the site before they were replaced.

‘‘These buildings are so superior it’s incredible,’’ Mr McCann said.

‘‘I’ve had a long-standing interest in environmental issues and it’s great to be able to get involved like this.’’

The Carlton Eco-Neighbourhood Project is jointly backed by the State Government and the City of Melbourne.

Environment Victoria project manager Charlie Davie said the buildings used leading green design principles, but they would not be effective if tenants did not understand them.

‘‘If people are aware of the features, and don’t see them as confusing or an annoyance, then they save even more energy, water and waste,’’ he said.

Mr Davie said the green design features would save the Government and tenants money on heating and water heating.

Melbourne councillor Cathy Oke said protecting the environment crossed cultural, social and economic boundaries, and brought everyone in the community together.

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