News | 3rd Oct, 2011

Ballarat residents get involved in Earth rally

Monday, 3 October 2011
Neelima Choahan, The Courier

There were no big trucks tooting, nor were there any famous media personalities to address the crowds.

It was a small group of mostly mothers and children that gathered at the Ballarat Town Hall yesterday to support the federal government’s yet to be passed “carbon tax”.

The group were there to witness the passing of Environment Victoria’s large inflatable human-sized globe which is on its way to Canberra. Federal parliament will vote on the tax before the end of this year.

The globe started its journey in Melbourne last month and has been travelling east to west.

Ballarat resident Alison Arnold, who went to the relay with her three-year-old daughter Harriet, said she believed in the carbon tax.

“I am upset at the debate on the carbon tax, the language used and the political point-scoring,” Ms Arnold said. “I think we have to pay for a cleaner world even though I don’t think the bill’s effect is going to be much on families.

“People who pollute should pay.”

Ballarat Renewable Energy and Zero Emissions executive officer Geoff Adams said communities were sending a message of support to the government for its action on climate change.

“Like the passage of the Olympic flame, communities across Victoria will be passing an inflatable human-sized Earth globe from town to town until it reaches Canberra in time for the passing of the carbon price legislation through parliament,” Mr Adams said.

The inflatable Earth, he said, was the symbol of what they were trying to protect.

“We hope it will inspire communities across Victoria and have a positive impact on Parliament House come November,” Mr Adams said.


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