Media Releases | 11th Oct, 2011

Australians give leaders 1,000 reasons to say ‘yes’

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Say Yes Australia is today taking the voices of the community to Canberra with messages of support from
across the country urging Members of Parliament to vote ‘yes’ to historic bills to price carbon pollution.

As part of a people-powered campaign that has engaged the Australian community, Say Yes Australia has
collected thousands of messages from people of all walks of life – teachers, nurses, scientists, economists,
mums, students, retirees – sharing the reasons they want action on climate change.

One thousand of these messages will be planted on the lawns of Parliament House, the placards acting as
a reminder to Australian leaders of the reasons to say yes to pricing carbon pollution. The messages have
also been compiled into books to be presented to Members of Parliament in Canberra today.

“The messages on these placards represent the voices of many more thousands in the community, young
and old, calling for urgent action on climate change and reminding our leaders why it is so important,”
said Ellen Sandell, Australian Youth Climate Coalition National Director.

“Tomorrow our leaders will vote on one of the most important pieces of legislation ever tabled in
Australia, for our economic prosperity, our precious species and places, and the future for our children,”
said Kellie Caught, WWF-Australia’s Head of Climate Change.

“We are urging all politicians to vote ‘yes’ to this important first step to help deliver new investment in
clean energy, help take up to a billion tonnes of pollution out of our skies and begin to tackle climate
change,” said Dae Levine, Acting CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

Alongside voices from the community, there will be messages on the lawns of Parliament from prominent
Australians, including former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, who have joined with Say Yes Australia to
remind leaders why the carbon price is an important reform for all Australians.

“Today I say yes to a carbon price because my experience as Prime Minister tells me that, quite often, what seem like tough decisions must be made if we are properly to discharge our responsibilities to future generations,” said former Prime Minister Bob Hawke in a message of support.

In support of the Say Yes campaign, former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser said “the overwhelming body
of scientific evidence supports the need for change. Many countries are well ahead of Australia. We need
to act or we will fall further behind.”

“Climate change hits the poor in developing nations the hardest. We Aussies can show real leadership and
act now. That’s why I say yes to a different future for the poorest of the poor,” said David Pocock,
Australian Wallabies and Western Force Rugby union player.

“I say yes because this is the most important thing we can do for our nation this century,” said John
Hewson, former Leader of the Liberal Party.

“I say yes because life on this planet is going to be comprehensively degraded if humanity doesn’t curb the
excessive use of carbon which is altering the way nature functions,” said Bob Carr, former Premier of

“We are perilously close to the two degrees warming that will cause dire consequences for human beings
and their environment.”

For more information, please contact: Jaya Myler: 0422 202 881 ; Olivia Greentree:
0439 411 774

Note to editors APPENDIX included below contains sample of messages included on placards

Included below are examples of messages from the Australian community contained on placards being
planted on the lawns of Parliament House, and in books being delivered to MPs today.

I say yes because…

“It’s our responsibility for future generations,” Sewell Family, Bickley, WA.
“I want a healthy future for me and for future generations,” Tara, Woolloongabba, Qld.
“It’s up to us to give future generations a liveable planet,” Nick Earls, Author, Toowong, QLD.
“The science is clear; we must act urgently to slow climate change,” Prof. Ian Lowe, Brisbane, Qld.
“I am convinced by reputable scientists of the need for positive action,” Ted Egan, Alice Springs, NT.
“I’m no climate change expert, but I respect those who are,” Meshel Laurie, Vic.
“I want the future to be bright for my grandkids,” Holly, Capalaba, Qld.
“Climate change is a great, but still avoidable threat to our, and our children’s, health and survival,” Prof.
Tony McMichael, Forrest, ACT.
“It is the smartest way to secure our children’s future,” Alejandro, Highgate Hill, Qld.
“It’s a small price to pay for the long term benefit,” Rolly, Scarborough, WA.
“I want my kids to enjoy the Great Barrier Reef too!” Martin Rady, Manly, QLD.
“Climate change is the biggest threat there is to global public health,” Fiona Armstrong, Climate and
Health Alliance, Camberwell, Vic.
“If we wait it will be too late,” Rocky Henry, Coorparoo, QLD.
“It’s time to make the big polluters pay!” Kathryn Brown, Elizabeth Beach, NSW.
“I want to be proud of Australia’s commitment to a better world,” Fuglsang family, Collinsvale, Tas.
“Curbing greenhouse gas emissions is a responsibility for every world citizen, particularly those of us who
have the fortune to live in great countries like Australia,” Peter Doherty, Nobel Laureate, Parkville, Vic.
“Australia can be a force for a stronger safer future,” Jude, Auchenflower, Qld.
“It will benefit everyone in the long run,” Michael, Balwyn North, Vic.
“0.1% of economic growth is a bargain to get some insurance against climate change,” Nicholas Gruen,
Economist, Port Melbourne, Vic.
“We’re in a great position for making a positive change now!” Jacqueline Gibb, MacGregor, ACT.
“A carbon price is the first step in transforming to a sustainable Australia,” Dr. Chris Riedy, Researcher,
Institute for Sustainable Futures, Ultimo, NSW.
“We need to urgently fix our planet so our kids can grow up in a beautiful world – not a broken one,”
Dylan Lewis, Announcer, Nova100, Carlton, Vic.