Blog | 2nd Nov, 2011

Call on the Premier to stop taking Victoria backwards on our environment

It’s fair to say that the Baillieu Government’s performance on the environment this past year has been anything but forward thinking. (We’re sure you’ve noticed!). So after 12 disappointing months we’re marching backwards to demonstrate the direction the Premier is taking us.

Like you, we believe the Victorian Government is responsible for ensuring a healthy environment for all Victorians to enjoy. The decisions they make today will be the legacy our children have to live with into the future. With the many challenges our environment faces, we need visionary leadership to take us into the next decade and so far, the Baillieu Government has been anything but. So along with our friends from the Victorian National Parks Association, The Wilderness Society and Friends of the Earth, we’re organising a rally.

Join us and hundreds of other concerned Victorians to turn things around for our environment.

Join us!

WHEN: Sunday, 13 November from 1.00 – 2.30pm
WHERE: Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne
WHY: In just one year Premier Baillieu has taken Victoria decades backwards on the environment:

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